Monday, August 24, 2009

You're Pretty Lazy...

Tonight we had all 3 kids home and staying for the night. I am sure that many of you know how busy nights can be especially when you get a late start on everything if you are gone to work all day long. My evening went something like this: walk in the door from work @ 5:40, open the mail, clip the coupons for baby gates that we will need sooner than later, get water boiling for corn on the cob, tell Bennett it is time to start homework, start cutting up the cards needed for the game to do the math homework, think I might hear the baby crying from waking up from a nap, put the corn in the water to start boiling, go back to cutting up the cards, wonder what it is I was going to do as I am cutting away, Rick walks in the door from putting the chicken on the grill, heads upstairs and I hear the baby's door open and him crying, remember that I thought I heard him cry and that is what I was supposed to go and check on before going back to cutting up the cards, take the baby in my arms and smother him with kisses since I have not seen him all day, start the math game, discover that holding Jordan and playing the math game at the same time is not going to work since he tries to eat the paper cards, put him down to play, boil some water for potatoes, finish the math game (lost by the way) and finish making dinner,sit down to eat, rescue the upset baby and feed him while attempting to eat my own food, start to clean up from dinner, clean the baby up and get him out of his high chair, realize he has a messy diaper, change it, go back to helping clean up from dinner, get the family out the door to Mason's game, run to the car for a blanket, have the FHE lesson in the car on the way to Coldstone, get ice cream, get home, make a bottle, get Bennett in the shower, feed the baby, put him down to play, go upstairs and get Bennett out of the shower, start picking out Bennett's clothes for tomorrow with her, start doing her hair, hear Jordan crying again and ask Rick to please start a bath for him, finish styling and drying Bennett's hair, hear the baby tip over in the tub, rush in to help and finish up the bath, tell Bennett to start reading, answer 25 questions regarding what book to read, get Jordan out of the tub and start putting on lotion etc., tell Bennett that I will be in in just a minute to help her read a word, overhear Taylor ask his Dad to put lotion on his back, Rick tells him to do it himself, Taylor calls for me to ask if I will put lotion on his back, tell him I will in just a minute I just had to get the baby's pajama's on, hear Rick tell Tay he will do it because he can't let me do everything then I hear this..."Uhh, I'm pretty sure Ali does everything anyway. You're pretty lazy!" :) Just when you think your kids don't notice how much Mom's do they go and say something as priceless as that was; cracked me right up!! I love my sweet Taylor and how observant he is!

DISCLAIMER: While this story is hilarious (to me anyway) let it be known that Rick really does help out more than the average husband/father and we are all truly lucky to have him!

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