Saturday, August 22, 2009

Will the Moses Basket Still Work?

So my adorable boss Jamie bought me this Moses Basket as a gift before I had Jordan. We were headed up camping a couple of weeks ago and I couldn't decide I wanted to haul the pack-n-play up or not so I thought to myself..."I wonder if the Moses Basket still works? I could set it down right beside me and make sure he stays nice and cozy warm." I laid him back in it and his head touched the top and his toes were to the bottom; he had grown a bit since the last time he was in it!! I sat him up to get him out and...

He was so tight in there the lining stuck to his head and came out with him!

He then proceeded to play with the handles and eat them

While playing he managed to tip the basket onto it's side and topple out

It was then that Mommy and J decided that maybe the pack-n-play wasn't such a bad idea after all!

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