Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Little Spooks

Okay so neither of my kids were anything scary but we had fun with them this year. Of course it was Jordan's 1st Halloween so that was exciting in and of itself but to top it off his big brother and sister were here to share in the fun so it was super special! Taylor decided to go to his cousin Taylor's Halloween party since he is getting so big so he didn't dress up. This year Bennett was an angel and Jordan was Mickey Mouse. I was so excited for Jordan to be Mickey because he LOVES Mickey on T.V. - the only problem was everybody thought he was a ladybug! Oh well...I still thought he looked cute. Bennett had so much fun getting ready and being all sparkly; she is still such a girlie girl and I love it!
After the kids got ready we went up to Shane and Keri's house to meet up with Drew and the kids. We walked around and did the whole trick-or-treat thing which was right up Jordan's alley since he likes to go on walks and be outside. We got back just as it started getting dark and cold and had pizza (thanks Mike!). Drew took Mason, Bennett & Addy out for some more trick-or-treating and we stayed back at Shane and Keri's with the little ones and watched the World Series. Tay had fun partying with all the boys - you are a brave woman Court! They watched the World Series and ran around playing games knocking on peoples doors and laying on their steps (yeah I don't get it either but apparently it is a really funny game if you are 12).
Everybody had a really good time and it was so much fun to see all the kids dressed up! Bennett brought home enough candy that Tay didn't even need to go out and get his own. Hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween; I know we sure did!

My Little Angel

Mickey Mouse

Bennett in action

Jordan munched on these Mickey hands until he finally got them off!

The first house of many...

Princess Jasmine - Emma looked amazing! She didn't even look like herself with her hair sprayed black!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

9 months old??

My dear sweet little baby where has the time gone? You are 9 months old now; it kills me to even say it! Where did my little immobile cooing boy go? I am so proud of you and the new things you learn every single day! I am excited for what is ahead but can't believe how quickly the time has gone. You are such a little angel and such a blessing to our family!

Here are some things you can do now:

**Crawl, crawl, and crawl even faster - you see something you want or have somewhere you want to go and you go into a gear I didn't know existed! You also have this "stink-bug" sort of crawl/walk thing that cracks me up! You get up on your hands and feet with your bum in the air and walk around on the floor.
**You are a little climber - you can climb stairs, you attempt to climb the tub (a little slippery and not Mom's favorite to be honest), and you climb over any obstacle or person that might be in your way.
**You can say Dada - I will look at you and say "Jordan, say Mama!" and then you will turn to look at me and say with a big cheesy smile "Dada!" It is pretty hilarious! You actually jabber a lot now, and REALLY loud just in case the neighbors wanted to hear what you have to say.
**You can dance! You love your little stand up toy that plays music and when the lights and music come on you start bouncing up and cute!
**You give kisses - granted they are big open mouth slobbery kisses but kisses nonetheless and Mmmmmmmm Mommy loves them!
**You pull yourself up onto everything - you want to walk and stand on your own so badly, you just aren't quite there. Lately you think you are so tricky and you will let go of the couch or whatever is holding you up but then of course you fall down and then you aren't so happy for just a minute until we smother you with kisses!
**You are starting to wave bye-bye - it is so adorable, your hand is turned backwards (facing you) but still adorable!
**Tantrums - Oh man are you getting good at these! I didn't know a 9 month old could be so determined in what they do or do not want but man oh man do you throw a fit when it's time to change your diaper. I am hoping this is just a phase otherwise we are starting potty training early my dear!
**You don't like baby food - I have to buy you the toddler foods or you insist upon eating whatever we are having for dinner (doesn't always work if we are having steak). You are such a good little eater though so I can't complain really!
**Separation anxiety has started - you really are a pretty friendly baby, but if you don't really know the person, you make sure that we are close by to keep you safe. Don't tell anyone but I kinda like it!
**You are wearing 12-18 month clothing now - Daddy swears you are going to be a giant athlete of some sort, we just haven't figured out what your favorite sport is yet!

Jordan, you are so much fun and make our family SO happy! You love your Daddy and think he is the greatest, you think your brother and sister are hilarious, and you melt my heart every morning that I have to leave you and hear you cry as I walk out the door for work; but oh how I love to see that beautiful smile you give me when I return! I wish I could stop time and just enjoy you a little longer while you are so small and will let me love on you. I love you my sweet little boy...but stop growing up so fast! :) XOXO - Mommy

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Busy, busy, busy...

Jordan is getting to be SO much fun I can't stand it! At the same time it is so much harder now that he is mobile and getting into everything. His newest thing is to pull himself up onto the couch, the edge of the bed or one of his toys and let go with one hand leaving only one arm to support him. Why do they think they are so big at such a young age? Anyway, with the mobility comes a lot of messes/injuries! Here are some photos from some playtime and discoveries made while crawling around...

This is his FAVORITE toy right now!

Taking a crawl through the tunnel

Tearing clothes off of the hangers in Mommy & Daddy's closet

Pulling laundry out of the hamper in the closet

Really, really proud of himself for sneaking into Mom & Dad's closet

We left Jordan downstairs for a minute to come back down and find that he had crawled into his big brother's room and gotten into his nightstand and found some fun treasures! Needless to say his brother likes his bedroom door shut now :)

Getting Mommy's shoes do you turn this thing on?

Isn't he a cutie pie?

We are all loving having Jordan around to keep us entertained! He is such a wonderful addition to our family and even though he keeps us all on our toes, we couldn't love him more!

Choking Hazard

Last night scared the crap out of Rick and me. We were out at dinner with our kids and Rick's brothers and their families. Jordan had eaten a truckload of food and we were just finishing up. He was given a little piece of food to eat and all of the sudden was gasping for air. Rick saw him first and started to pat his back and swept his mouth. At that point I noticed what was happening and jumped up to help. J was in a high chair so I tried to pull him up out but of course he was buckled in and wasn't moving. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a lady at the table across from us notice what was happening and reach for her mom. The lady turned around and jumped out of her chair just as I threw J (and the highchair) over my arm and started doing back blows. After three or four hard thrusts poor little Jordan puked all over but the object was out. It was then that the woman had gotten over to us and made sure everything was out; come to find out she was a nurse and was coming to help us. It all happened so fast but I am so thankful that everything turned out okay. Jordan was just fine and didn't even cry over it but it scared the rest of us to death! This transition to solids is hard and the kid doesn't want a whole lot to do with baby food...maybe we should just stick to the little netting thing for a while. I think this is one of the greatest inventions of ALL time!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Stair Climber

Uh, oh! Jordan made his first attempt at climbing a stair tonight and mastered the entire flight on his first attempt. And we thought we would only have to worry about him going down the stairs for a while...such a little smarty pants now isn't he?!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Splish Splash Jayzer LOVES the Bath!!

Jordan loves, loves, loves bath time! He has so much fun splashing and now clapping afterward when he makes an absolute mess. When he was sick a couple of weeks ago he was crying and I couldn't get him calmed down. I started up the bath tub and he immediately stopped crying and was happy as could be in the tub! Here are a few pics and some video from recent bath time fun...

Happy Boy

I have too much fun playing with his hair when he is in the tub - This do kind of reminds me of the baby off of the Adam's Family Movies from the 90's

He REALLY likes to play with his tub toys

The Splash Zone

Look out Mommy!