Sunday, August 23, 2009

Owlz Game

Last week we were able to go as a family to an Orem Owlz game. My work has great season tickets that they make available for their employees to use and it is nice to get out and do something different that doesn't cost anything! We took Jordan to his first baseball game which I was sure would be an adventure but surprisingly enough he did great. Bennett wasn't nearly as restless as she was last year and Taylor of course enjoyed chasing every foul ball imaginable trying to retrieve one for his stash.

Favorite and J

Tay & Roo

I love this picture - Jordan looks so big and like he is actually enjoying the game

Jordan & Mama

Jordan devouring his first taste of ballpark food

Can you spot Taylor? Here he is waiting for someone to hit a foul ball

Such a sweetie!!

As I was snapping away trying to get the perfect photos, Jordan pulled a few funny faces that I couldn't resist posting. Guess I know how he really feels about my picture taking!

We had such a great time together! Hopefully we can catch one more game before the season comes to an end.

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Em and Jer said...

I cannot believe how big your little man is getting!! He is adorable :) Love the hair!