Wednesday, August 12, 2009

6 Month Check-Up

Jordan had his 6 month well baby visit today. Here are the stats...

19 lbs. 11 oz. - 50th percentile

27 inches long - 75th percentile

His head is in the 90th percentile - I am going to say his noggin is big because he is SO smart!

The doctor said that he is growing well and hitting all of his milestones appropriately. The immunizations made mommy want to cry. He was being so cute giving smiles and flirting with the nurses who came in to give him his shots THEN they poked him and he thought the world was over! The worst part is the look that they give like "Why would they do that to me?" and then "Why did you let them do that to me mom?". Gets me EVERY time...luckily we don't have any shots for another 6 months. Jordan is growing so fast and we are having so much fun with him!

As a side note his first tooth finally broke through on August 6th! I will try to get a pic as soon as he will let me but he throws a big fit every time I try to look in his mouth so it may be a while.

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