Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Where is the ladies room?

I just had to post this so I can remember because it is absolutely hilarious! Bennett is our most sound sleeper. The girl can sleep through just about anything really. She always sleeps in the most awkward and uncomfortable positions and if she doesn't get her beauty rest you had better look out! The other night Rick and I were laying in bed around 11:30 or midnight and heard Bennett get up out of bed. I heard her groaning and moaning which last time turned into a puke fest so I was a bit worried. I hurried up out of bed and walked out to find her in Jordan's room with the light on. Worried that she was going to wake the sleeping babe I rushed in to turn the light off and asked "Honey what are you doing?!" Confused and jumbling her words she responded "Umm...I'm...umm looking for the ladies room." Where she got the term "ladies room" is a mystery to me since she never refers to the bathroom in that way. She then attempted to sit on the potty with all of her bottoms still on but we put a quick stop to that. I about died laughing! The poor girl was sleep walking and couldn't locate the "ladies room" that is right outside her bedroom door. Luckily she made it alright and fell quickly back into a peaceful slumber! That kid cracks me up!

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