Monday, September 27, 2010

Boy am I behind!!!

Man I feel bad I have let things get this far behind. I have honestly been living at the office since about mid June and it hasn't let up since. I can't complain because it truly has been a blessing while Rick has been finishing up with school etc. but it has been hard being away from my family that much. I went plenty of days where I didn't see Jordan more than 20 minutes in the morning and that was about it. Rick worked all summer for Neways working a temporary job for Drew while waiting for his job with Deloitte to start has! Rick was gone all last week to Seattle for orientation and is now away to Scottsdale for the remainder of his training. I know he is enjoying starting on his new career since it has been such a long wait but I am ready for him to be home and not be a single parent anymore along with working full time myself. While he was away he found out he passed the FAR section of the CPA exam (this was the hardest section that he chose to take first to get it out of the way). He studied so long and hard for it and he passed with a 94!! I am a little proud of him if you can't tell already. Both Tay and Bennett are back to school and hard at it and little J man is well on his way to talking in a language that perhaps the rest of us might be able to understand. We just recently got back from a family vacation to California so I had better get working on all of my "catch up" posts so I can post the vacation pics as well.

Roth Family Disneyland 2010

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Playing Outside

Jordan loves being outside! He has always loved it since he was brand new and every time we have to come inside he cries...which is not so fun but we deal with it! Anyhow, here are some pictures from our adventures outside this year.

It is essential you have your snow scraper handy in March in Utah

Headed inside

And this is what happens when we get back in

Playing at the playground

Attempting to ride scooters

Playing sports

Going on drives

So far we are enjoying the summer and the nice warm weather...hope all of you are too!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Rick Roth, MBA

Man, it seems so surreal that Rick is finally done with school! It was 2 years ago that he decided to go back and though it seems like a long time ago, it really did fly by! I am so proud of Rick and his achievements. He worked really hard to maintain excellent grades throughout the entire program and did just that. His commencement was back in May but he has only been officially done for the past 2 weeks. It has been really nice having him home on the weekends again! As you can see I am really far behind on posting so please enjoy the pictures that are 2 months old!

Walking In

The Walk

After Being Hooded

All Done!

Our Fam

Rick and his proud parents

All of our awesome family that drove clear up to Logan to support Rick. We love you all and are so thankful to all of you!

Rick and his study buddy J! This picture means a lot to me. Jordan was born the January that Rick started back to school full time with both his Master's and his undergrad in accounting. Rick was a stay at home Dad when he wasn't at school and it was a lot of work, but they both made it!

After the commencement we went to Maddox for some "fine dining" :) It really was good and I had no clue it was even up there!

Thanks again to all of you for all of your love and support over the past year and a half! It has been crazy busy but a great experience.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Job Offer

Well, it would seem as if my schooling is starting to pay off. I have accepted a job offer from Deloitte, and will be an auditor in their SLC office. We are of course very excited. Going into recruiting season last year, they were my number one choice for employment. Due to the sweet economy we are in, hiring was down and they were not offering very many positions when I interviewed with them in September of 2009. They did not offer me a position at that time. Then out of the blue a few weeks ago I received a call from one of their senior managers. I went out to lunch with them and they offered me a position. The only bad news in the whole process is that my employment doesn't start until the end of September, first part of October. This is due to national orientation only being conducted once per year for new hire's without previous experience. During the summer I would like to complete at least three sections of the CPA exam. If anyone has taken, or has any insight into taking the CPA exam, please let me know.

As far as school goes, I have less then 60 days left. My last class is June 19th. I have really enjoyed school, and have found a new love for learning (I know, I am a nerd).

In other news, little J-man loves the ladies. We were at the mall today and Jordan stopped in his tracks and started staring at the Victoria Secret model in one of the displays. By staring I don't mean just glancing, and then walking away. No, he stood there for honestly 2-3 straight minutes staring at the model. It was pretty funny. P.S., just to be clear, I do not make it a habit to sit and stare at the posters myself, so he didn't get it from me. Maybe he got it from his older brother.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cadbury Mini Eggs

Cadbury Mini Eggs are a family favorite. Anytime we have them in our house they don't last long. I was running late to church this morning so I showered when I got home from church while Rick went to do tithing. Since I was home alone with J man I left the bathroom door open. He was being so quiet and good, wasn't getting into cupboards or throwing things into the toilet and then I got out and found...

I love the look on his face! He looks so darn innocent doesn't he?

Here he is showing off and now claiming his mess

You are such a stinker J man! Sure do love ya though!!

St. George

Thanks to my Mom we were able to go down to St. George this past weekend during the Sunshine Tournament to watch my nephews Taylor and Parker play baseball. I use the term "watch" lightly as I missed a lot of it due to my 1 year olds amazing ability to take naps while away from home, and by amazing I mean dreadful. Anyway...we headed down and got there just in time to watch Tay and his team win in Mesquite. The first night was an adventure figuring out sleeping arrangements since little one made it very clear that he would be sleeping in a bed with Momma the rest of the trip, and Daddy was sleeping at Uncle Jair's with Tay and Grandpa Gary.

The next morning we got up and watched Parker pitch at his game - I headed to work for a few hours while the fam stayed and played - and then went out for a bite to eat before the next game. The rest of the day was filled with baseball, eating, more baseball and fun times with family. No St. George trip is complete without the Bear Paw so we made a quick stop there on Saturday morning for breakfast before heading home. We also got to stop by and see my Grandpa who is now living in St. George. I love every opportunity I get to go and visit with him.

The kids had a great time and it was nice to get away from home for a little bit and spend time with each other. Thanks for providing a place for us to stay mom, we had a blast!

The Kiddos

Grandpa Dastrup

Friday, March 12, 2010

Not a good day...

Poor little Jordan has been kind of a "sickly" child. Let me paint a picture for you...December 1st: ear infection & antibiotics, December 7th: croup & a steroid shot, December 16th: ear infection & more antibiotics, December 19th: yeast infection resulting in a nasty diaper rash with open sores from being on so many antibiotics. At this point we had reached 5 or 6 ear infections in a matter of 6 months and decided that tubes was the best option for our little guy. We got an appointment with Dr. Riddle on January 5th for a consultation. The doctor decided that tubes along with taking a look at the adenoids would be the best way to go; and then he proceeded to tell me that they would be able to do the procedure the next day! This was probably best for me anyway since I am such a worry wart but it caught me off guard nonetheless.

That night I went to pick Bennett up because Rick took Tay to the Jazz game. As Bennett and I were on our way home Jordan threw up in the car. We're talking projectile all over everything throw up. I figured it was just because he hadn't eaten for several hours and downed his bottle, but much to my dismay at 11:30 that night after Jordan had been asleep I heard that awful sound and was up cleaning a crib and child. I was concerned that they wouldn't be able to operate the next morning and even more concerned that he couldn't eat or drink anything past 1:00 that morning and now he had an empty stomach! My sweet mother in-law was over to our house @ 6:00 that morning to help take Taylor and Bennett to school for us so that we could get to the hospital by 6:30. I told the nurses and anesthesiologist that Jordan had been throwing up but they said that he would do just fine and we could move forward. J didn't even cry when they pricked his finger to do some pre-op blood work but by the time we went in for vitals he was starting to get a little nervous. We got him changed and he looked so dang cute in his little hospital clothes I couldn't help but take some pictures!

Then came the sad part...the nurse came to take J and that just about broke my heart into a million pieces! The poor little guy was not happy at all. After about 20 minutes Dr. Riddle came in and let us know that J did great and that he did end up removing the adenoids as they were very infected. Rick and I sat anxiously waiting to get our little guy back and then we heard the blood curdling scream coming from down the hall. Sure enough it was our little J Man. The poor little guy was so upset and was looking at us like "I can't believe you just gave me to those people - you would not believe what they just did to me!". Within 5 minutes of coming out of recovery the little man threw up. Nothing too major, could be associated with the anesthesia. The nurses told us to try and feed him since he had an empty stomach. Bad idea!! Rick ended up with puke all over him and the little dude. They gave J some medication for nausea and 2 hours after the procedure was over J man was released. He was a totally different baby the minute we walked out of the hospital!

Here is the little guy on our way home from the hospital - the poor little buddy was swollen from the IV fluids they had pumped into him to keep him hydrated

His left ear had an acute ear infection when the doctor got in to put the tube in - that sucker drained for 2 days!
J had really bad diarrhea and threw up so much that he became dehydrated that weekend and we had to take him into the instacare. They diagnosed him with gastroenteritis so then I felt like a really bad mom for going through with the procedure but I can say it was SO worth it! Jordan has been so much happier since he has had his tubes in. He has gotten 2 colds and no ear infection to follow like it used to in the past! Hopefully he can do well with the tubes and not have to deal with that pain and pressure all the time like he used to!

Tay's Birthday Bash

Yes I know my posts are all over the place but at least they are on here! We now have a teenager in our house! Boy are we in for it!! Just kidding Tay is a great kid but he did turn the big 1-3 this year on January 13th. We went out to dinner with my family to Brick Oven on his actual birthday and of course I forgot my camera (because I am so darn efficient!!) when Grandma Jeanine and Grandpa Harry made a big dinner and we celebrated over at their house.

Taylor is such a wonderful son and an amazing big brother to both kids. He loves basketball and girls and is a pretty smart kid when he wants to be! We are so proud of him and are so thankful for all that he brings to our family. Happy Birthday bud...we love you!

Da' boys

My camera ran out of battery so hopefully I can get the pictures from Auntie Court to finish up this post!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Jordan's 1 Year Pic's

I have learned many lessons in of them is that getting pictures of a 1 year old is near impossible!! I had a good friend of mine at First Colony take some pictures of Jordan for his 1st Birthday - it was a 2 session process because he simply hated the first time around. Luckily Mikki was so kind and patient and graciously agreed to meet up with us one more time to try some studio shots. I am absolutely thrilled with the way they turned out! Here are some of my favorites though it was hard to choose.

I may have given birth to Elvis

I love this shot - he is always into every thing and this shows it. He loves his Mickey, he loves Wii-motes, and he really loved the clips that were supposed to hold the back drop in place, but he was pretty sure Braydon and Mikki got them as toys for him. I now have a lot of pictures of him with these clips in them but I don't care, he was smiling!

We are considering making him the next face of Apple

Thanks again Mik, I had a wonderful time and you are so very talented! Happy 1 year J man, you are cuter than ever!