Monday, August 24, 2009


So this is dumb but Rick and I were laughing so hard at what dorks we are. I just climbed into bed and all of the sudden we hear the dreaded "chirp" come from one of the smoke alarms in our upstairs level. I look at my hubby and ask "Is that in the hall?" he says "Sounds like it." I rushed out of bed worried that it would wake the baby - nothin'. I look up trying to see if any lights are blinking to indicate that there is a low battery but I couldn't see a thing. I walked into Jordan's room and there was a red light on. I hurried back in and told Rick "You go down and get a chair, I'll run and get a battery." We met back upstairs and hurried to get the problem fixed. Rick got the new battery in and I went downstairs to dispose of the old one and re-organize the bin full of batteries that I had left in shambles. While down there Rick rushes back in "I need another battery. It must have been the hall because it just chirped again." Again we haul the chair up and put the second to last 9V battery inside the smoke detector. Going to finish the organization task I had started I went back downstairs. One more time I turn to find Rick laughing telling me that it was in Bennett's room the whole time. 3 chirps and 3 batteries later the mystery was history. Funny how much parents value the quiet time a baby is in bed for the night!

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