Saturday, August 29, 2009

Jordan's Pic's

I had my sister's brother in-law (does that make sense) take Jordan's pictures for me. Shane did an amazing job taking Jordan's pictures when he was just a month old so we thought we would try it again. He is so patient with us and I am so happy with the way they turned out! Here are a few that I pulled off of a website (that is why they are a little bit grainy - I will post the crisp ones when I get my CD)...

Thanks so much for taking these and Ellie did a great job :) If you want to get a hold of Shane to take some pic's for you he is available @ 801-798-8308.

Friday, August 28, 2009

My Daddy is FUNNY!

Jordan thinks his Dad is hilarious! He loves it when he plays with him and will give him a laugh just for giving him funny looks. The other day we were sitting downstairs and Rick was playing peek-a-boo from behind his laptop. As you can see Jordan thought it was pretty funny!
I love his little laugh and I am so thankful for modern technology so I can remember it forever

Monday, August 24, 2009

You're Pretty Lazy...

Tonight we had all 3 kids home and staying for the night. I am sure that many of you know how busy nights can be especially when you get a late start on everything if you are gone to work all day long. My evening went something like this: walk in the door from work @ 5:40, open the mail, clip the coupons for baby gates that we will need sooner than later, get water boiling for corn on the cob, tell Bennett it is time to start homework, start cutting up the cards needed for the game to do the math homework, think I might hear the baby crying from waking up from a nap, put the corn in the water to start boiling, go back to cutting up the cards, wonder what it is I was going to do as I am cutting away, Rick walks in the door from putting the chicken on the grill, heads upstairs and I hear the baby's door open and him crying, remember that I thought I heard him cry and that is what I was supposed to go and check on before going back to cutting up the cards, take the baby in my arms and smother him with kisses since I have not seen him all day, start the math game, discover that holding Jordan and playing the math game at the same time is not going to work since he tries to eat the paper cards, put him down to play, boil some water for potatoes, finish the math game (lost by the way) and finish making dinner,sit down to eat, rescue the upset baby and feed him while attempting to eat my own food, start to clean up from dinner, clean the baby up and get him out of his high chair, realize he has a messy diaper, change it, go back to helping clean up from dinner, get the family out the door to Mason's game, run to the car for a blanket, have the FHE lesson in the car on the way to Coldstone, get ice cream, get home, make a bottle, get Bennett in the shower, feed the baby, put him down to play, go upstairs and get Bennett out of the shower, start picking out Bennett's clothes for tomorrow with her, start doing her hair, hear Jordan crying again and ask Rick to please start a bath for him, finish styling and drying Bennett's hair, hear the baby tip over in the tub, rush in to help and finish up the bath, tell Bennett to start reading, answer 25 questions regarding what book to read, get Jordan out of the tub and start putting on lotion etc., tell Bennett that I will be in in just a minute to help her read a word, overhear Taylor ask his Dad to put lotion on his back, Rick tells him to do it himself, Taylor calls for me to ask if I will put lotion on his back, tell him I will in just a minute I just had to get the baby's pajama's on, hear Rick tell Tay he will do it because he can't let me do everything then I hear this..."Uhh, I'm pretty sure Ali does everything anyway. You're pretty lazy!" :) Just when you think your kids don't notice how much Mom's do they go and say something as priceless as that was; cracked me right up!! I love my sweet Taylor and how observant he is!

DISCLAIMER: While this story is hilarious (to me anyway) let it be known that Rick really does help out more than the average husband/father and we are all truly lucky to have him!


So this is dumb but Rick and I were laughing so hard at what dorks we are. I just climbed into bed and all of the sudden we hear the dreaded "chirp" come from one of the smoke alarms in our upstairs level. I look at my hubby and ask "Is that in the hall?" he says "Sounds like it." I rushed out of bed worried that it would wake the baby - nothin'. I look up trying to see if any lights are blinking to indicate that there is a low battery but I couldn't see a thing. I walked into Jordan's room and there was a red light on. I hurried back in and told Rick "You go down and get a chair, I'll run and get a battery." We met back upstairs and hurried to get the problem fixed. Rick got the new battery in and I went downstairs to dispose of the old one and re-organize the bin full of batteries that I had left in shambles. While down there Rick rushes back in "I need another battery. It must have been the hall because it just chirped again." Again we haul the chair up and put the second to last 9V battery inside the smoke detector. Going to finish the organization task I had started I went back downstairs. One more time I turn to find Rick laughing telling me that it was in Bennett's room the whole time. 3 chirps and 3 batteries later the mystery was history. Funny how much parents value the quiet time a baby is in bed for the night!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Owlz Game

Last week we were able to go as a family to an Orem Owlz game. My work has great season tickets that they make available for their employees to use and it is nice to get out and do something different that doesn't cost anything! We took Jordan to his first baseball game which I was sure would be an adventure but surprisingly enough he did great. Bennett wasn't nearly as restless as she was last year and Taylor of course enjoyed chasing every foul ball imaginable trying to retrieve one for his stash.

Favorite and J

Tay & Roo

I love this picture - Jordan looks so big and like he is actually enjoying the game

Jordan & Mama

Jordan devouring his first taste of ballpark food

Can you spot Taylor? Here he is waiting for someone to hit a foul ball

Such a sweetie!!

As I was snapping away trying to get the perfect photos, Jordan pulled a few funny faces that I couldn't resist posting. Guess I know how he really feels about my picture taking!

We had such a great time together! Hopefully we can catch one more game before the season comes to an end.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Family Trip 2009

The past couple of years my in-laws have planned a wonderful get-together for us all to spend some time together as a family. Not everyone could make it and those who didn't were missed, but we still managed to have a wonderful time! This year we went camping up Mapleton Canyon. My kids love camping and it is always nice to get outside and spend some time with great company. The kids were able to ride their scooters, ripstick's and Uncle Jeff's mountain board (which is not as easy as it looks) for fun. Grandpa and Grandma are so good to plan hikes and scavenger hunts to keep the kids entertained. We went on walks with the babies in their strollers and just REALAXED! A few of the older kids and adults all played a game of capture the flag. While I was unable to play with a baby to take care of, it was funny to watch and see how serious the adults were taking the game as opposed to the kids! Rick and his brother's are very competitive so it always makes for some good entertainment. This was Jordan's first camping trip and he did pleasantly well! He loved being outside so much and watching all of the kids run around. He was mesmorized by the fire (scary I know) and loved playing in the playpen that Jeff and Kim had brought up with them. He slept in his pack-n-play for a couple of hours at the most and then ended up in bed with Mom & Dad the rest of the night. He slept but we didn't...oh well; as long as he was warm! Taylor and Bennett were both so brave and stayed in their own tent right next to ours; I was so proud of them for making it all night! As a side note: the tent was directly across from ours; if you unzipped our tent you walked right into theirs...I didn't want anyone to think I was leaving our children alone in the forest to fend for themselves!

The Campsite (the 2 tents almost kissing in the background were our tents - see how close we were!!)

Jordan taking a snooze in the tent

Dinner Time

Jeff & Kassandra

Miss Roo


My Hubby and Me

Mommy & the blurry baby

Tay & Dad

Playin' Skip Bo

Rick working his magic

Jordan in his cage - he loved it!

Frisbee & Walks - aren't my in-laws the cutest?

Gramma J & Baby J
I am so greatful that my kids have the opportunity to have family and amazing grandparents so close that are so involved in their lives. Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into planning our family activities. We love you!

Will the Moses Basket Still Work?

So my adorable boss Jamie bought me this Moses Basket as a gift before I had Jordan. We were headed up camping a couple of weeks ago and I couldn't decide I wanted to haul the pack-n-play up or not so I thought to myself..."I wonder if the Moses Basket still works? I could set it down right beside me and make sure he stays nice and cozy warm." I laid him back in it and his head touched the top and his toes were to the bottom; he had grown a bit since the last time he was in it!! I sat him up to get him out and...

He was so tight in there the lining stuck to his head and came out with him!

He then proceeded to play with the handles and eat them

While playing he managed to tip the basket onto it's side and topple out

It was then that Mommy and J decided that maybe the pack-n-play wasn't such a bad idea after all!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Where is the ladies room?

I just had to post this so I can remember because it is absolutely hilarious! Bennett is our most sound sleeper. The girl can sleep through just about anything really. She always sleeps in the most awkward and uncomfortable positions and if she doesn't get her beauty rest you had better look out! The other night Rick and I were laying in bed around 11:30 or midnight and heard Bennett get up out of bed. I heard her groaning and moaning which last time turned into a puke fest so I was a bit worried. I hurried up out of bed and walked out to find her in Jordan's room with the light on. Worried that she was going to wake the sleeping babe I rushed in to turn the light off and asked "Honey what are you doing?!" Confused and jumbling her words she responded "Umm...I'm...umm looking for the ladies room." Where she got the term "ladies room" is a mystery to me since she never refers to the bathroom in that way. She then attempted to sit on the potty with all of her bottoms still on but we put a quick stop to that. I about died laughing! The poor girl was sleep walking and couldn't locate the "ladies room" that is right outside her bedroom door. Luckily she made it alright and fell quickly back into a peaceful slumber! That kid cracks me up!

Time to slap my cap

I saw this hat and thought that Jordan just had to have it. Little girls get headbands and boys get baseball caps right? I thought I would try it on to see how he looked and this was the result...

"Oh look how cute you look!" says Mommy.

What is this thing squeezing my head?

Why do you subject me to this torture Mom?

Ahhh...that's much better!!!

See this is where it belongs...Mmmm Yummy!

Oh well, luckily he has hair so it doesn't matter anyway!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

6 Month Check-Up

Jordan had his 6 month well baby visit today. Here are the stats...

19 lbs. 11 oz. - 50th percentile

27 inches long - 75th percentile

His head is in the 90th percentile - I am going to say his noggin is big because he is SO smart!

The doctor said that he is growing well and hitting all of his milestones appropriately. The immunizations made mommy want to cry. He was being so cute giving smiles and flirting with the nurses who came in to give him his shots THEN they poked him and he thought the world was over! The worst part is the look that they give like "Why would they do that to me?" and then "Why did you let them do that to me mom?". Gets me EVERY time...luckily we don't have any shots for another 6 months. Jordan is growing so fast and we are having so much fun with him!

As a side note his first tooth finally broke through on August 6th! I will try to get a pic as soon as he will let me but he throws a big fit every time I try to look in his mouth so it may be a while.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Bennett's Baptism

This past Saturday, August 1st, was Bennett Emery Roth's Baptism. It was such a special day to be able to share with her! There were some really great talks and so many people there to support her. Her Daddy baptized her and her Grandpa Todd confirmed her. Her witnesses were her Uncle Jason & her Grandpa Harry. Her Dad, Grandpa & Uncles were all able to stand in the circle to participate in the confirmation. Taylor shared his beautiful testimony with us all; it is wonderful to hear your children share what is in their heart about the gospel. Afterward we went to a park and had a little luncheon with all of the family.

Bennett looked so beautiful in her little white dress all clean and perfect after her baptism. We are so proud of her and the decision she has made to be baptized. I hope that she can always live in a way that will welcome the spirit to be with her and allow the Holy Ghost to provide her guidance and counsel when needed. It is such a great thing to watch our kids reach these special and important milestones in their lives. Congratulations Roo, we are so very proud of you!

Daddy & Bennett before the baptism...sorry for the picture quality - I have no idea what happened but I am a little sad about it!

Our Family

Dad, Mom & Bennett

Thanks to all of you for coming and showing your love and support and sharing this exciting day with our family!