Monday, September 27, 2010

Boy am I behind!!!

Man I feel bad I have let things get this far behind. I have honestly been living at the office since about mid June and it hasn't let up since. I can't complain because it truly has been a blessing while Rick has been finishing up with school etc. but it has been hard being away from my family that much. I went plenty of days where I didn't see Jordan more than 20 minutes in the morning and that was about it. Rick worked all summer for Neways working a temporary job for Drew while waiting for his job with Deloitte to start has! Rick was gone all last week to Seattle for orientation and is now away to Scottsdale for the remainder of his training. I know he is enjoying starting on his new career since it has been such a long wait but I am ready for him to be home and not be a single parent anymore along with working full time myself. While he was away he found out he passed the FAR section of the CPA exam (this was the hardest section that he chose to take first to get it out of the way). He studied so long and hard for it and he passed with a 94!! I am a little proud of him if you can't tell already. Both Tay and Bennett are back to school and hard at it and little J man is well on his way to talking in a language that perhaps the rest of us might be able to understand. We just recently got back from a family vacation to California so I had better get working on all of my "catch up" posts so I can post the vacation pics as well.

Roth Family Disneyland 2010

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Calee said...

1. I want to live on Disneyland's main street.
2. You need more vacations.
3. Yay to not being a single parent and getting through school!