Friday, March 12, 2010

Not a good day...

Poor little Jordan has been kind of a "sickly" child. Let me paint a picture for you...December 1st: ear infection & antibiotics, December 7th: croup & a steroid shot, December 16th: ear infection & more antibiotics, December 19th: yeast infection resulting in a nasty diaper rash with open sores from being on so many antibiotics. At this point we had reached 5 or 6 ear infections in a matter of 6 months and decided that tubes was the best option for our little guy. We got an appointment with Dr. Riddle on January 5th for a consultation. The doctor decided that tubes along with taking a look at the adenoids would be the best way to go; and then he proceeded to tell me that they would be able to do the procedure the next day! This was probably best for me anyway since I am such a worry wart but it caught me off guard nonetheless.

That night I went to pick Bennett up because Rick took Tay to the Jazz game. As Bennett and I were on our way home Jordan threw up in the car. We're talking projectile all over everything throw up. I figured it was just because he hadn't eaten for several hours and downed his bottle, but much to my dismay at 11:30 that night after Jordan had been asleep I heard that awful sound and was up cleaning a crib and child. I was concerned that they wouldn't be able to operate the next morning and even more concerned that he couldn't eat or drink anything past 1:00 that morning and now he had an empty stomach! My sweet mother in-law was over to our house @ 6:00 that morning to help take Taylor and Bennett to school for us so that we could get to the hospital by 6:30. I told the nurses and anesthesiologist that Jordan had been throwing up but they said that he would do just fine and we could move forward. J didn't even cry when they pricked his finger to do some pre-op blood work but by the time we went in for vitals he was starting to get a little nervous. We got him changed and he looked so dang cute in his little hospital clothes I couldn't help but take some pictures!

Then came the sad part...the nurse came to take J and that just about broke my heart into a million pieces! The poor little guy was not happy at all. After about 20 minutes Dr. Riddle came in and let us know that J did great and that he did end up removing the adenoids as they were very infected. Rick and I sat anxiously waiting to get our little guy back and then we heard the blood curdling scream coming from down the hall. Sure enough it was our little J Man. The poor little guy was so upset and was looking at us like "I can't believe you just gave me to those people - you would not believe what they just did to me!". Within 5 minutes of coming out of recovery the little man threw up. Nothing too major, could be associated with the anesthesia. The nurses told us to try and feed him since he had an empty stomach. Bad idea!! Rick ended up with puke all over him and the little dude. They gave J some medication for nausea and 2 hours after the procedure was over J man was released. He was a totally different baby the minute we walked out of the hospital!

Here is the little guy on our way home from the hospital - the poor little buddy was swollen from the IV fluids they had pumped into him to keep him hydrated

His left ear had an acute ear infection when the doctor got in to put the tube in - that sucker drained for 2 days!
J had really bad diarrhea and threw up so much that he became dehydrated that weekend and we had to take him into the instacare. They diagnosed him with gastroenteritis so then I felt like a really bad mom for going through with the procedure but I can say it was SO worth it! Jordan has been so much happier since he has had his tubes in. He has gotten 2 colds and no ear infection to follow like it used to in the past! Hopefully he can do well with the tubes and not have to deal with that pain and pressure all the time like he used to!


konnie said...

Ali, I am so sorry your little one has had to go through all that. Hopefully, your home will be full of smiles from now on.

Emily said...

Oh poor Jordan and poor you! That is not fun at all. I'm glad he's feeling so much happier now!