Sunday, March 28, 2010

St. George

Thanks to my Mom we were able to go down to St. George this past weekend during the Sunshine Tournament to watch my nephews Taylor and Parker play baseball. I use the term "watch" lightly as I missed a lot of it due to my 1 year olds amazing ability to take naps while away from home, and by amazing I mean dreadful. Anyway...we headed down and got there just in time to watch Tay and his team win in Mesquite. The first night was an adventure figuring out sleeping arrangements since little one made it very clear that he would be sleeping in a bed with Momma the rest of the trip, and Daddy was sleeping at Uncle Jair's with Tay and Grandpa Gary.

The next morning we got up and watched Parker pitch at his game - I headed to work for a few hours while the fam stayed and played - and then went out for a bite to eat before the next game. The rest of the day was filled with baseball, eating, more baseball and fun times with family. No St. George trip is complete without the Bear Paw so we made a quick stop there on Saturday morning for breakfast before heading home. We also got to stop by and see my Grandpa who is now living in St. George. I love every opportunity I get to go and visit with him.

The kids had a great time and it was nice to get away from home for a little bit and spend time with each other. Thanks for providing a place for us to stay mom, we had a blast!

The Kiddos

Grandpa Dastrup


Tara said...

it was fun getting updated with you and your little family! i love jordan's 1st year pictures. he is a cutie! can't believe it has been a year! it is nice to see you are all doing well!

Tara said...

and that was me in case you weren't sure ;) i was signed in with a different account.