Friday, October 17, 2008

Thursday Sucked!!

So, yesterday really sucked. Earlier in the week I thought it couldn't suck anymore than Monday's suckiness, but yesterday really did it for me. First of all, BYU gets pummeled by TCU, what was that all about? It really doesn't surprise me, I never get too high on BYU, or the Jazz, because I know they will always find a way to disappoint me. Then, the icing on the cake, I send Drew a couple mean text messages because Boston is getting killed and is about to get knocked out of the playoffs. Down 7-0 bottom of the seventh inning. There is no way they should have won that game!! The kicker is the only reason they won is because of a freaking error by Evan Longoria. Knowing my luck, they will come back and win the whole thing and I will have to hear about it for another year!!

This video is for Drew, I want him to remember this last great Red Sox moment before they get eliminated.

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