Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fantasy Football Weeks 6 & 7

Well, I missed last week because.....well I have have no real good reason. Bill and I were tiling my uncles kitchen while his wife is out of town, so that is my excuse.

Starting with my team, Big-Un's, I won each of the last two weeks beating Crazy Horses week 6, and Duds Boys week 7. I have now won three games in a row and have gone from 8th to 3rd.

Blaze also won both his games the last two weeks, beating Duds Boys and Regulators. Drew (Blaze) is sitting in the number two spot and plays Porkers in a battle of 1 vs. 2. However, Drew cant overtake the number 1 spot unless he outscores Wade (Porkers) by 100.

Speaking of Porkers, he won each of the past two weeks and is still undefeated. Wright Nation slipped a little, losing each of his last two weeks (although he scored 98, and 93. Adzmat's team went 2 - 0, Duds Boys went 0 - 2, Regulators went 0 - 2, and WT Power went 1 - 1.

Finally, Vikingur and Crazy Horses both went 0 - 1 - 1, each losing once, and then tying with each other. It was a great match, Crazy Horses lost Tony Romo and picked up Matt Cassell who scored 25 points on Monday Night Football to pull even at 112 points each. Tyler (Vikingur) has actually had 2 ties this season both of them by way of a Monday Night hose job.

Here are the results after week 7:

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