Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I love my husband...

I just had to be sappy for a minute and share with you all how sweet my husband is. I got home from work yesterday and for no reason at all there on my kitchen counter were a dozen white roses! Very seldom do I get flowers and if I do it is usually the norm...birthday, anniversary, Valentine's Day, etc. Don't get me wrong, I am the typical female that enjoys getting flowers from her husband for any reason, but it really means more to me when it is for no reason other than to just let me know he loves me and is thinking of me. This used to happen a lot more often when we were dating. That is how they lure you in you know; make you think this is a normal thing and this is how marriage will be and then once they have you BAM...they are guys again. Anyway, it brought me back to the euphoric dating days that once were and made me all giddy so I just had to write about it and let you know how truly lucky and blessed I feel to have Rick. He is such an amazing husband and father and I love him more than anything in the world!

Just as a side note, Rick did mention tonight that while the flowers are pretty, he thinks they give off a light scent of urine?? I luckily can only smell roses (and I am pregnant so my sniffer is really sensitive) but maybe that explains why this is the first time since we have been married that he has brought home flowers just because?! Thanks Babe, I love them!


Jared said...

He probably read somewhere that urine scented flowers were an aphrodisiac.

Brad & Janette Bowen said...

That is so sweet! Good job Rick!