Wednesday, October 22, 2008


So my wife and I love watching the show Friends. It really helps us unwind after a hard days work (yeah, I know what you are all thinking). Anyway, it has become a nightly ritual for the last year or so. We love getting in bed and watching a few episodes. On a side note, I still remember when Ali and Drew got into an argument about how many seasons of friends there were (10 by the way).

Ali always compares me to Ross, so we thought it would be fun to find a friend for each "Friend".

So I am Ross, but I think Jared Southard would work here too (he is not into dinosaurs as far as I know, but he is very smart). Ali is Rachel, you know kind of spoiled, etc. Here are the rest of our choices:

Chandler - Brad Bowen, he is a funny, funny dude!
Joey - Jair Almaraz, do I really need an explanation here?
Phoebe - Courtney, kind of a ditz, plays the guitar (Guitar Hero).
Monica - This one was hard, but I nominate Becky (Ali's mom). She is a clean freak, a little OCD, etc.

Here is a clip from one we watched the other day. This is when everyone is finding out Monica and Chandler are together.


Jared said...


Here is the sad state of affairs I have to confess:

I've never watched a single episode of Friends. Not one.

I have watched two episodes of Seinfeld, however.

With this post's generous name dropping, I might actually have to Netflix the first season. Or should I start later when, as with most shows, it finally "got good"?

Rick and Ali said...

I can't believe you have never watched friends. I think I actually like the earlier seasons better.

Jared said...

Yes, you CAN believe I've never watched friends. It's me we're talking about.

Rick and Ali said...

That is true, we need to play some racquetball sometime soon!