Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fantasy Football Week 5

Well, it was a much better week for yours truly. I finally won a game on Yahoo, and won all three games in my ESPN leagues. I picked up Steve Slaton a few weeks ago, and he has been huge!!

Here are the results from week 5:

Big-Un's 08-09 116
Adzmat's Team 78

Blaze 80
Crazy Horses 50

Vikingur 101

Duds Boys 79

Regulators 98
WT Power 80

As you can see, Porkers, Blaze, and Regulators kept up with their winning ways, while Adzmat, WT Power, and Duds Boys keep on loosing. Wright Nation got very lucky to get a tie with Vikingur. Tyler (Vikingur) had a huge lead going into the Monday night game. They each had their star running backs, and well needless to say, Tyler's player (Adrian Peterson) sucked it up. I can't believe Drew keeps winning somehow, I think he played like 1 guy he actually drafted.

Here are the current standings:

1. PORKERS 5-0-0
2. Blaze 4-1-0
4. Regulators 3-2-0
5. Vikingur 2-2-1
6. Big-Un's 08-09 2-3-0
7. Crazy Horses 2-3-0
8. Duds Boys 1-4-0
9. Adzmat's Team 1-4-0
10. WT Power 1-4-0

Just a note, all previous weeks results and any old blogs, can still be seen at

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Brandee Lloyd said...

Ali how are you doing? I haven't seen you since we went swimming. I am so glad I found your blog. Hopefully we can stay in touch now!