Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I have been following this story on the news about a family from this area who just lost their 2 year old in an accident over the weekend. I hate the news and this is why. I don't know this family, but it really hits close to home when it involves a 2 year old and you also have a child the same age living in your home. It makes me realize how thankful I need to be for all of my children, even on the toughest of days for instance when Jordan manages to cry the entire grocery shopping trip to Macey's because I didn't pick the right racecar cart (yeah that really happened, tonight in fact). So tonight I am going to go in and give my poor little man who experienced his first bee sting tonight, biffed it down the slide and bonked his head, then skinned his knee running around at the ballpark an extra kiss and tuck him in because I can, and I am thankful I am able to!

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Hollie said...

Ali, You are so thoughtful. It is great that stories like this help us to remember our families and how important they are to us!