Monday, June 13, 2011

Bon Jovi

Obviously with the number of posts I have done this year I am a little behind, so there are going to be lots of random posts from a while back - forgive me! This is one of them.

My cute hubby bought me tickets to Bon Jovi for my Birthday back in January. Then 6 days before the concert he got put on an audit in Hawaii (yeah, I felt bad for him too) and couldn't go. That left me to go by myself with 3 seats to fill. Luckily I have awesome friends who were great fillers and joined me in the nose bleed section to watch Jon Bon shake his groove thang like no other man can! It was a blast!

I have known Kristy for probably 12. She is one of those friends that I can go forever without talking to her, and then we can have a conversation and it's like we saw each other yesterday.

Sherri, Sher-Bear, Sherzie...this girl cracks me up! I have had the chance to sit by this girl at work for the past year and she cracks me up! We have so much in common and have so much fun together. She was the biggest Bon Jovi lover of us all so I knew when I asked her to come with me that it would be a definite yes!

Miss Shannon. I love this girl. Shannon was my neighbor up until about a year ago. Our daughter's used to play together all the time and I miss having her so close. She is so much fun to be around and one of the most genuine, kind people I know; I was SO excited she could go out for a girls night.

All of us "Hot Mommas" - literally, it was incredibly hot inside ESA and we are all Mom's.

Rock On!!! Shannon's face is priceless in this picture!

Jon Bon himself

Lighter chick and tight pants girl. These 2 provided just as much entertainment for us as the concert did! They were die hard Bon Jovi fans. Lighter chick swayed to the music, flipping her hair to and fro, just like a 80's music video. Tight pants girl...well she just wears that same outfit to every Bon Jovi concert she goes to...since the 80's.

I had so much fun and I am so glad these girls went with me!

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