Friday, January 8, 2010

Grandma Shirlene's Christmas Shindig

Every year my Grandma Shirlene has a Christmas party with the family. I seriously hope I have as much energy and pep in my step as she does when I am her age. The woman is AMAZING! I hope she knows how much we all love and appreciate all that she does for us. We have so much fun with her and are so thankful that she is willing to host this event so we can be together during the holidays.

This child is a lover of Christmas just like me! I am trying to raise "Mother Christmas Jr." and so far so good.

Ma & Pa

Jordan loves other babies - unfortunately they don't always love him back

Jordan opening his first Christmas gift. I love the look on his face and how excited Auntie is trying to be for him!

Tay and his awesome new vest

Mason doing his best "Blue Steel" look

Man I love this kid!

Roo and her cute new coat

Parker was in the giving spirit of things and gave the horse to J because he loved it so much...such a good kid!

Thanks for the food storage and wonderful Christmas party Grandma!

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