Sunday, January 17, 2010

Christmas 2009

Oh my I love Christmas! I love seeing my kids faces light up with joy and excitement and the magic of it all!

Rick and I sent Santa a message and asked him if he could bring the Christmas P.J.'s a day early since Tay and Bennett were not going to be here on Christmas Eve. When we got back home from Grandma Shirlene's party sure enough Santa had sent a couple of elves to our house to deliver the Christmas jammies just in time!

Aren't they so cute? Jordan was SO tired!!
Here is a picture of the tree after Santa came and before any of the kids got their hands on anything.

This year was wonderful and we had so much fun celebrating Christmas with Jordan for his very first time.

Here he is checking out his goodies from Santa

This was my favorite present in 2009

Daddy got a new toolbox

After we picked up Taylor and Bennett we headed over to Grandpa Harry's & Grandma Jeanine's. We got to visit with them for a bit and had a wonderful time together.

After that we headed home to open presents - the kids could hardly wait!

Bennett got the Barbie house she had been asking for the past 2 years - the toilet flushes, the fireplace crackles, Barbie sings in the shower, the doorbell rings. I might have been more excited to play with the house than she was!

Taylor got what he thought was the camera he had been asking for...

But ended up being the cell phone he really wanted

Both Rick and Tay got new Jordan's to improve their basketball skills

And I got some Chuck and Friends fleet cars to play with! Just kidding...J didn't really get the whole concept of opening presents or ripping the paper for that matter so we all took turns opening his presents - doesn't he look thrilled?!

To finish up the day my parents came over and opened up presents with us that evening. Thanks for coming over so we could spend more time playing at guys are awesome!

We were so spoiled by everyone and are so lucky to have all that we do. We have been so blessed throughout the past year and are so very grateful. I am thankful for our Savior, Jesus Christ, and for his willingness to come to this earth knowing fully what his purpose would be. I hope I can raise my children to know that he has truly given us the most important and generous gift that could ever be given. I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and hope this year brings you all the best!

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