Sunday, October 4, 2009

Splish Splash Jayzer LOVES the Bath!!

Jordan loves, loves, loves bath time! He has so much fun splashing and now clapping afterward when he makes an absolute mess. When he was sick a couple of weeks ago he was crying and I couldn't get him calmed down. I started up the bath tub and he immediately stopped crying and was happy as could be in the tub! Here are a few pics and some video from recent bath time fun...

Happy Boy

I have too much fun playing with his hair when he is in the tub - This do kind of reminds me of the baby off of the Adam's Family Movies from the 90's

He REALLY likes to play with his tub toys

The Splash Zone

Look out Mommy!


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Hollie said...

Hey Ali, babies are fun to see and Jordan is getting so big. I hope you guys are doing well.