Sunday, October 18, 2009

Busy, busy, busy...

Jordan is getting to be SO much fun I can't stand it! At the same time it is so much harder now that he is mobile and getting into everything. His newest thing is to pull himself up onto the couch, the edge of the bed or one of his toys and let go with one hand leaving only one arm to support him. Why do they think they are so big at such a young age? Anyway, with the mobility comes a lot of messes/injuries! Here are some photos from some playtime and discoveries made while crawling around...

This is his FAVORITE toy right now!

Taking a crawl through the tunnel

Tearing clothes off of the hangers in Mommy & Daddy's closet

Pulling laundry out of the hamper in the closet

Really, really proud of himself for sneaking into Mom & Dad's closet

We left Jordan downstairs for a minute to come back down and find that he had crawled into his big brother's room and gotten into his nightstand and found some fun treasures! Needless to say his brother likes his bedroom door shut now :)

Getting Mommy's shoes do you turn this thing on?

Isn't he a cutie pie?

We are all loving having Jordan around to keep us entertained! He is such a wonderful addition to our family and even though he keeps us all on our toes, we couldn't love him more!

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konnie said...

Ali, he is such a doll....and enjoy him, time is too short and before you know it, he will be all grown up.