Monday, July 6, 2009

Jordan's Blessing

Okay so I am obviously behind in my blogging since being without a computer for so long as well as adjusting to life with my sweet baby and his sleeping schedule. You will all have to forgive me for a while but I will be occasionally posting old events/information until I feel all "caught up" if you will.

One of the bigger events that occurred was Jordan's baby blessing. It was such an exciting and busy day for my family. My step-sister Stacie was blessing her little baby Jessie, my oldest nephew Taylor received the priesthood that morning, and then Jordan's blessing was that afternoon.

Jordan had many wonderful friends and family members here to give him love and support on this special day. I want to thank all of you for the extra effort you made to come and share this with us. Thank you to all of the priesthood holders who were able to surround this precious little boy and especially to my wonderful husband who gave such an amazing blessing that brought tears to my eyes.

Here are lots of pics for your viewing pleasure...

Jordan in his blessing outfit

Mommy & Baby J

Grandpa & Grandma Broxton

Grandpa & Grandma Dastrup came in from Washington

Great Grandma Ottesen

Grandma Ottesen (Grandpa was at your blessing but he had to go back out to his cows before I could get a picture)

Our kiddos

Aunt Courtney and some crazy guy...just kidding, Uncle Drew

Jair, Renee & Annika came from St. George; they are like family to us...we love you!

Uncle Billy & Aunt Madeline

Our Fam

and lots of other friends and family!

I love this picture! This was after I had changed Jordan out of his outfit and Renee and I were playing picture time with the babies. Annika has Jordan by the collar and he's looking at me like "put your camera down and come help me"!

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Em and Jer said...

I love all that hair on his head!! You have such a cute family Ali :)