Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Day I Was Forced to Come Out

This is a story about me and the day my mommy forced me to come into this world. I was fine where I was; loved it in fact. I was warm, I was getting a lot of nourishment and didn't have to work for it, and I was getting bigger everyday! Mommy however was ready for me to be here. She kept going to the Dr. every week and they kept telling her that her body wasn't doing anything and that she did not meet the criteria to be induced early, but that I was going to be a big baby. This made her more and more nervous for me to get here but she knew she had no choice but to wait. Her Dr. finally told her that she would be induced on Monday the 26th of January and to call into the hospital around 5:00 if she hadn't heard from them. Finally after much anticipation the 26th finally arrived. Mommy was going stir crazy all day and driving daddy nuts! It was time to call into the hospital to see if we could go in @ 6:00 to have a cytotec and get the ball rolling. Much to mommy's dismay the hospital was too busy and they didn't have a room open. This made me happy, but mommy started crying and daddy didn't know what to do because he had to go to school that night.

After daddy got home from school mommy called the hospital again to see what time she should call in on Tuesday to come in. The Dr. just so happened to be at the hospital still and said if she could be there in an hour and a half, that he would have the nurses start her. Mommy hurried and packed everything up and out the door they went. By the time they got checked into the hospital and put in a room it was about 11:00 pm when they gave mom her cytotec. This is when things started to get uncomfortable for me. Around 3:15 the next morning mom woke up and thought she was peeing the bed and couldn't stop. She had Dad come over and help her to the bathroom. She tried to stand up again and told Dad that she thought maybe her water had broken. The nurse came in and as it turned out it mom didn't have a bed wetting problem after all; her water had actually broken. The only problem was I had poo pooed while I was still in Mom's belly so they had to keep a close eye on things to make sure I was okay. Mom was put on pitocin around 3:30 am and then things really got bad. Around 7:00 that morning mom had only progressed to about a 3 and decided that the whole birthing process was a little too uncomfortable for her liking and that she wanted to have an epidural. The anesthesiologist soon became her best friend for the day! The nurse kept coming in to make sure things were okay for mommy; her epidural wore off a couple of times and I wasn't so happy that she was making me come out so I decided to scare her a little bit and my heart rate started to drop every time she would have a contraction so they had to put an internal monitor on and give mom some oxygen the rest of the time she was in labor. I also made the nurse think I was breech so they had to come in and do an ultrasound to make sure that mom wasn't wasting her time. After 9 1/2 hours of hard labor mom was ready to push; about halfway through the Dr. came in and realized that I was posterior and knew that it would be hard for mom to get me out. The Dr. used a vacuum on me and gave me a cone head. Finally after a lot of persistence, I had no choice but to come out.

Here I am...a big healthy boy! My mom can't keep up with how much I am eating now and is quite sure that she truly did give birth to the Incredible Hulk. Even though I didn't want to come out my family is sure glad I did. Mommy & Daddy think I am pretty cute and I am still a novelty to my big brother and sister. I am starting to acclimate a little bit more but I am sure I am going to miss out on something during the day if I go to sleep so I only take little half hour to an hour cat naps a few times a day making it very hard for mommy or daddy to accomplish anything other than holding, feeding or entertaining me but I sure like the attention. Even though I was forced to be here, everyone sure seems happy I am so I guess things will be okay after all!

One Week

Two Weeks

Three Weeks

Four Weeks


Our Little Ball-er

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Brandee Lloyd said...

He is so dang cute!! I love the story by the way. He will enjoy reading it when he gets older. P.S. Stetler has the same Jazz outfit we must have good taste!

The Bradshaw's said...

What a hunk! I love the jeans outfit-so cute! I hated the no-sleeping thing. I swear Kolten had a way of knowing in his deep sleep that mom had set him down and started screaming to be held! It gets better-I promise!