Sunday, March 22, 2009

Baby Blessing

For anyone who is interested, we will be blessing Jordan on Sunday, March 29th. Our church is at 1pm and is located on 300 East Center Street in Spanish Fork. We will be having some sandwiches and deserts after Sacrament Meeting at our house which is 434 South 590 West, also in Spanish Fork.


Mike & Traci said...

Hey this is Traci (& Mike) Purser! I saw your blog linked up to Brad & Janette's so I thought I would take a little peek at your life & say hi! Congratulations on your new little boy! He is so cute & boy does he have hair :) I hope things are going well!! Feel free to check out our blog too :)

Jessica said...

I'm sad that I wasn't able to make it to the blessing. Hope the day went perfect. Cute, cute little baby boy (ok...well, not little; he! he!) Miss you!