Sunday, February 8, 2009

Perfect Little Baby!!!!!!

So, we were expecting this perfect little newborn. You all know they type, eats, sleeps, poops, repeat. What we didn't realize is that we would be getting a mammoth 10lb oinker. Everything is bigger with him, his feedings are bigger (4oz every 2 hours), his poops are bigger, and his crying is bigger. They only thing that is smaller with his sleep. The kid only likes to sleep around 16 hours a day, with 10 of those usually during the daytime. The good news is, it has all became somewhat easier than the first day we got home. Some other good news, boy is he a cute kid. I know parents always think their kid is cute, but wow is he a cutie. We want to again thank everyone for all their support and love during the last few weeks. Here are some pictures of him.

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Katie said...

You have a beautiful family Ali!! We are so excited for you. I cannot believe how much hair he has. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help you. I know that sleep is a thing of the past so if you just need a nap or a little time to yourself let me know!! Congrats again!!