Friday, February 19, 2010

UpDaTe has been a while since I last logged in. Things have been so busy lately that I haven't taken the time to log in a type a few words. In fact, I realized that things have been so busy over the past year that I haven't really done an update on the family in quite sometime so I thought I would blog while Jordan is attempting a nap and I have a few minutes.

Rick has been consumed with school this past year. He went back to UVU in January of last year and graduated with his BA in Accounting in December. While pursuing his bachelors he also was enrolled in a master's program through USU. He is still in his executive MBA program and will graduate with his Master's in Business with an accounting emphasis in June. Rick has also done a wonderful job being a full time Dad and staying on top of all of the homework he has had over the past year. He has maintained close to a 4.0 and I am so proud of him for all of his efforts to better our situation. I am so glad for the time the Rick has been able to devote to the kids and all of his help around the house. He is currently looking for a job utilizing his accounting degree so if anyone knows of anyone that might be looking for help - Rick is your guy!

Taylor is currently playing basketball and still loves every minute of it. He goes to practice on Wednesday's with his team and then plays right after that with his Dad and the elder's quorum; to top it all off he has a game every Saturday. Oh to be 13 and have energy again! He is doing well in school and has adjusted to Junior High and having multiple classes each day quite nicely. We have had the opportunity to go to the temple and do baptism's for the dead a couple of times with him and it has been a wonderful experience for all of us.

Bennett is dancing and socializing like crazy. She sings and dances everywhere she goes and has a bit of a talking problem while in school but still seems to do well with her grades. She is doing a great job reading and has so many "boyfriends" it makes us laugh! She spends most of her free time playing Barbie's or dressing up her dolls. She loves all of her little friends around the neighborhood and has a great time playing with all of them. I am beginning to wonder if she is working on being a comedian because the other day I was calling Grandma Becky (my mom) on the phone and she wasn't answering. For any of you that know my mom you know that she is a Pepsi addict. When my mom didn't answer the phone Bennett said to me " I bet she's drinking her Pepsi, and that's why she can't answer." I about died laughing!

Jordan is keeping us on our toes now getting into everything and seeing how fast he can destroy anything he can get his hands on. Just last Sunday Rick and I went and got Jordan out of his crib and let him walk around while we laid in bed just a little longer to get as much sleep as possible. After realizing I had dozed off I shot out of bed and began looking around the house only to find the little man scrubbing the toilet with Daddy's toothbrush! He is such a joy and now that he knows how to walk he thinks he needs to try and run everywhere he goes. His new favorite words are "Ma" "Da" "Ya" and "Lo" (this is hello while holding an object up to his ear like a telephone).

As for me I am still just keeping busy trying to juggle the whole work/mommy gig. It seems I don't have enough time for either and can't figure out how to balance them but I am not sure that there really is one. We are so busy at the office which I am very grateful for and I love all of the friends that I work with. I also love being a wife and mother and look forward to the time I have with my family. I have much to be grateful for and though there have been many hard days recently; I can attest that through much fast and prayer you can attain happiness and comfort even when you think it's not possible.

I hope all of you are doing well and hope to get caught up with Christmas and birthday posts soon!

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