Monday, September 14, 2009

Stressed has been one of those days! I am feeling so stressed and it wears me out. I just needed to vent so should you feel the need to skip to other posts I can't say I would blame you. For starters I am tired of being tired. I love this sweet little baby more than words can tell but the poor kid has the hardest time sleeping. I feel terrible because he has been teething (he is cutting his 4th tooth!) over the past month and I am sure that makes him uncomfortable. To top it off he just got over a viral infection with sores in his mouth and now has a cold to grace us with its presence this week. The poor thing is sick all the time and it is just really starting to wear on me. All weekend long he wouldn't let me do anything but hold him or sit next to him while he played - I didn't get anything done! Sunday my mouth was killing me so my sweet uncle was kind enough to meet me up at his office in Centerville to take a look at things for me. After X-Rays and an exam he narrowed it down to a potential root canal. My mouth is still throbbing as I wait to see if the antibiotic will take care of things or if I have to get the dreaded dental work done. Work has gotten really busy all of the sudden which I am grateful for but it was a full and very fast paced day. I got home from work today and Jordan was just the same way but I had to cook dinner. I am a ditz and didn't put 2 and 2 together and forgot that when I dumped the frozen chicken into hot oil it was going to go everywhere...needless to say my kitchen is still greasy. While in the middle of cooking the chicken the power went out for about 20 minutes. We got done eating and the the power went out again for over an hour. I had to give the baby a bath and get him ready for bed by candlelight. I feel guilty sending my baby to the sitter and feel like I should stay at home with him but I also am concerned about missing work being the sole provider for our family for the time being. I am scared to see what the winter will bring for us since we have dealt with so many colds, ear infections, etc. all summer long!
My house is a wreck, my mouth is killing me I wish I had a baby that felt good and I want so badly to just sleep! I know I shouldn't be whining about any of this because I know there are others who have things MUCH worse than I do but I was just feeling pooped today and needed to get it off my chest...Ahhhh, I feel much better, thanks for listening blogger! :)

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