Saturday, January 3, 2009


Sometimes life can seem to be a bit overwhelming to us all. It seems the more we wish we could just sit back and enjoy the ride, everything around us goes faster than we can keep up with. Here I sit at 4:45 am, so uncomfortable (heartburn, feet in my ribcage, swollen feet, etc.) that I cannot sleep; wishing to just enjoy my last few moments of rest before I will never sleep again, and I can't seem to do it. I am so excited for our little one to arrive; mostly because I am excited to see him and make sure that all is well, but partly for selfish reasons that any woman who is 37 (38 on Tuesday) weeks pregnant would understand. I think my poor family that is dealing with "Mrs. Irritable" will all be happy once the hormones are a little more evened out again. My husband, sister and brother in-law got to witness me crying over chicken at Ruby River the other night...seriously, who cries over chicken?

As I near the end of my pregnancy, I want to let you all know how much I appreciate all that has been done for me and my family. I am thankful to have a job, and more so to have an employer that is so willing to work around my families needs while we adjust to these life changes. I am thankful Rick and I both have supportive families, (close and far away) that are so willing to help out with whatever they can. I am so thankful for my mom and all of the many things she has done for me these past 9 months; we always tease her for running errands constantly but I must admit that it has come in handy when I need her to pick up a gallon of milk because I just can't bring myself to put shoes on these puffy feet, or to exchange onesies because the Dr's think I am going to deliver the Incredible Hulk. I am thankful for my sister who is always willing to be the middle man and kindly remind my husband or mother that the reason I am incredibly rude or sad at times is simply because I am one big ball of raging hormones. Thank you all for the baby items that have been provided, and for the emotional support or phone calls just to check and and see how things are progressing. It has been such a fun amazing experience; it is bittersweet to begin a new chapter.

Most of all I want to express my love for my cute kids and husband. They are so good to me. Bennett has gotten over the fact that it is not a girl and now thinks that she needs me to wake her up in the middle of the night to help out with changing diapers, etc. I don't really see myself doing that but I am so thankful for her willingness to help out and the excitement that she shows in becoming a big sister. Taylor is looking forward to the boys outnumbering the girls; I hope that our little guy will be as good a kid as Taylor is when he gets to be his age. He always has the desire to do what is right. He will be a great example and is excited to teach the baby how to play sports and video games even though that is a little ways away.

Words cannot express how grateful I am to my husband. I am so proud to have him as the father of my children. I know he is nervous to start school again and to be "Mr. Mom" at the same time, but I couldn't have more confidence in him. Thank you for putting up with the many many mood swings, cravings, and sleepless nights. Thanks for always getting me my vitamins, or a water when I forget to get one myself, or for telling me that I am beautiful even with a basketball attached to the front of me. Thanks for being willing to do this all over again so to speak so that I am able to have the opportunity to raise a child from birth. I know you think they go unnoticed at times, but I am so thankful for the many sacrifices you make for us all. I couldn't feel more blessed to have found you and I look forward to the new journey we are about to begin.

Though I am somewhat overwhelmed at the idea of becoming a mother and just at the thought of what a crazy year the husband and I are approaching, I know that everything will work out and I am excited to welcome our new addition to the family.
**Just as a little update as to when the arrival may or may not take place, at the last appointment on Wednesday the Dr. said my body isn't doing anything for now. The longest he will make we wait is for the 41 week mark which is January 27th - we will see!!

Here is a pic from the beginning of December - I don't have anything more recent to share with you all so the bloated pics will have to wait for now.


The Bradshaw's said...

Oh Ali, you probably think that I am so horrible. I got your message so late at night. I was so sad that I hadn't been able to answer your call. Please feel free to call me anytime. I would be over in a heartbeat to help with anything. I AM SO SORRY!!! I absolutely think that you are so beautiful preggo. I love the pic! Please, please call me again if you need anything. I don't care when or what time. love ya!

Jessica said...

Ali, I'm so excited for you! I feel bad that I was unable to make it to your baby shower, but hope that you liked your gift. I hope that you got all that you need. Babies sure are expensive, but oh so worth every little penny. I will be anxiously awaiting news on when you have your new little one. We need to get all the cousins together sometime. Oh, and do try to get some sleep... you'll need it :)

Katie said...

Ali, I have to say that no matter how yucky you feel, you sure do look adorable pregnant. I am so excited for you and Rick. This will be a fun addition to your family. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you. And like Jessica said, get some sleep because you will need it!!