Monday, January 19, 2009

My Deacon & The Incredible Hulk

Okay...the title was really just because I couldn't think of anything else. They don't go hand in hand AT ALL but we did have a very special event this past Sunday. Our oldest son Taylor is now 12 and has been found worthy to hold the Priesthood. Rick ordained him a Deacon on Sunday and it was great to see the support Taylor had from so many family members all worthy to stand in that circle and bestow upon him such an important and amazing authority. It doesn't seem like our little guy is old enough to have such a responsibility but I know that he is ready and will always honor it the way our Heavenly Father would want him to. I am so grateful to my husband for being a worthy Priesthood holder and for making sure that we have it in our home. We are so very proud of you Tay and the wonderful decisions you have made!

In regards to our other son...the one that is supposed to be born tomorrow according to that little Lilypie ticker I have at the top of our blog (what is going to happen to that thing anyway - guess we will see on Wednesday); he has decided that Mom's belly is much more comfortable than the outside world and that he would like to stay in a little longer. We went to the Dr. today expecting at least to set an induction date and needless to say I just left in a lot of pain and bewilderment. I go to a practice that rotates 5 Dr.'s. and for the past 6-8 weeks I have had them all measure me and tell me that I am having a good size healthy baby. I finally got enough courage to ask the Dr. today what exactly "good size" is and he told me probably at least 9 lbs. +. There is a reason Rick doesn't normally go to the Dr. with me...I had just been put through a very uncomfortable (code for painful) appointment already, and then they tell me exactly how big my chunky monkey is going to be and my husband just started laughing!! If only it were on the flip side and he was the one who had to deliver. Oh well, if we have a healthy happy baby we are very blessed but I am a little nervous to deliver the Incredible Hulk I must be honest. Hopefully we can get things moving and set a date for next week. If all goes well, the next post should be by Rick showing off our newest addition!


Gary and Michelle said...

What's up where is that baby you are past due!!! Can't wait

Brandee Lloyd said...

Ali just remember that somebody has to deliver the incredible Hulk and that unlucky woman just happens to be you. Just kidding good luck and you better be posting pictures soon after that boy is here.