Friday, November 7, 2008

Fantasy Football Weeks 8 & 9

Well, another two weeks has came and gone since my last FF post. This last week ended in pure disappointment. I was down 11 points with one of my better players left to play (Reggie Wayne), and he came up with 8 points, so I lost by 3. I went 1 - 1 the last two weeks, beating Regulators in week 8 thanks to a big game by Brian Westbrook.

Drew (Blaze) went 1 - 1 the last two weeks first beating the number one, and then undefeated, Porkers team managed by Wade the great. He followed up his impressive win by promptly losing to the second to last place team (WT Power(note: that is Wes Tallon Power, not white power)).

Vikingur went 1 - 1 with a win vs. Duds Boys, and a loss to Regulators. Wright Nation went 1 - 1 with a loss to Crazy Horses, and a win vs. Duds Boys. Adzmat's Team went 2 - 0, with wins vs. Crazy Horses and WT Power. Crazy Horses went 1 - 1 with a win at Wright Nation, and the loss to Adzmat's Team. Duds Boys went 0 - 2, Regulators went 1 - 1, Porkers went 1 - 1, beating me and Losing to Drew by 10 in week 8. Porkers has scored over 100 only once in the last 5 weeks. WT Power went 1 - 1, but could have easily been 2 - 0, as his loss was by only 6 points.

Here are the current standings after week 9:

In some funny news, Drew has had every quarterback on his roster hurt. He drafted Tom Brady, who went out for the season in game one. He drafted Matt Schaub, who is currently injured. He traded for Kitna, who is now been cut by the Lions. He picked up Kyle Orton, who has since got injured. He now has Matt Ryan (a rookie) and Brady Quinn (made first NFL start last night). That being said, I play him this week and he will probably beat me.

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