Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ma itchy all betta!

Poor little J-man has a nasty reaction to mosquito bites. He gets bit and immediately starts to swell. Sometimes they swell up so large that they break his skin open. That was the case a few weeks ago...poor little buddy had been out enjoying the summer evening when he got eaten alive by mosquitoes. He had gotten a bite on each side of his ankle and his leg was swollen up to his knee cap. We had been putting Caladryl lotion on it to help with the itching every night and every morning for a couple of days. Every time we put it on J would tell me it was "all betta".

Rick and I had been up late all weekend and by Sunday we were exhausted. That morning I woke up and knew it was late so I grabbed my phone to see what time it was. In between my hazy vision I saw that the time was 9:45 am...9:45!!!! I immediately shot out of bed worried and confused why J's usual morning conversations with himself hadn't yet woke me. I rushed into his bedroom and found him like this...

and he announced to me "Mommy ma itchy all betta!" and then he proceeded to also let me know that...

"Mickey itchy all betta too!". He was so incredibly proud of himself. I couldn't be mad at the poor kid! It was my fault I left the Caladryl within his reach and also my fault that my lazy butt slept in so late.

Of course the new pj's were drenched

After peeling off his clothes I discovered that he had also covered all of his legs, and then put his jammie's back on after that!

Luckily Mickey cleaned up really nice after a run through the washing machine. Even worse than the clean-up was the welts on J's skin from using too much Caladryl lotion. I do have to thank him though...Daddy finally agreed to allow me to get that carpet cleaner I've been wanting! What a little turkey he is...always keeping us on our toes!


konnie said...

Oh, Ali, don't you just love them??? Cute, cute story

Calee said...

Dr. Roth to the rescue, right?