Tuesday, November 17, 2009

So little yet so destructive

Last night I left Jordan in the bathroom to go and get his towel and came back to this...

yes, the ENTIRE roll of toilet paper unraveled and on the floor. Such a busy little guy!

Jordan is now beginning to stand on his own and forgets at times that he doesn't quite have his balance. He had a rough day yesterday; first falling down into the end table with rod iron legs, then he fell out of his car seat from the kitchen table landing on the tile floor (at this point we did look for any signs of a concussion), and then while in the tub he slipped and smacked his head where he had hit it earlier on the end table.

I felt so bad for the poor little guy - but he did get me back for his injuries by breaking the "shift" key on my laptop. So please forgive me now if I have any typographical errors that would require me to utilize the left shift key on my computer.

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Emily said...

Isn't that the worst!?! I hate it when they fall down and get hurt. So sad. And I hate when they break expensive things like laptops! It's a good thing he's so stinkin cute!! There goes another perfectly good roll of toilet paper. :)